Sister Patricia Bruno & Father Jude Siciliano

Father Jude Siciliano, O.P. and Sister Patricia Bruno, O.P. have been friends of mine for over twenty-five years. From our ministry at Saint Monica’s parish (Moraga, CA) where Jude preached for many years – while both he and Sister Patricia taught homiletics at the Graduate Theological Union. They call themselves the Dominican Preaching Team and have worked around the country in preaching parish retreats and giving scripture workshops.

Here is an example of a collaborative team that goes back to the historical roots of the Order of Preachers and the holy memory of Saint Dominic; theirs is a preaching circle of spirituality and social justice.

In San Francisco, we meet Sister Patricia at Saint Dominic’s Church, later travel to Saint James in Petaluma, CA where both she and Jude are holding a parish retreat.

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